Weddings and Special Occasions We take care of making of your most important moments occasions to remember for a long time. For civil and religious weddings, anniversaries and special occasions, our Event Center. has providers that cover any type of need, from arrangements, menus and music to car rentals. Event facilities and services at 801 Event Center: 2 multifunctional rooms that accommodate from 2 to 1,700 people,  2 outdoor areas Mounts for conventions, congresses and social events Audiovisual technology available: laptop, sound and projection systems ($) Personalized attention from our event planners Banquet service, menu and specialty tests


801 Event Center, offering you for the setting of Parties and Decorations for Weddings and Celebrations, find everything you need for Wedding Decoration, so Your Event is special and look unique and different, so that all your guests remember it forever.   We know that the success of your event is very important for you, so we only offer the best accessories. Get the peace of mind that the accessories we have will cover your expectations. All in one place.


The importance of proper lighting for events Light is essential to create environments that are functional, aesthetic and also consistent with the celebration. If the events are done in the daytime and outdoors, the lighting becomes a natural aspect, but if the events are performed at dusk or at night, rather than think of providing visibility, we must also think of contributing something more with the light. What can correct lighting for parties do for us? Basically lighting is important because it allows us to: Enlightenment: as mentioned by the same word, one of the important aspects of lighting for events is that we can bring light to the spaces, something vital for any party, event, conference among others. Creating environments: another reason why we should invest in lighting, in a quality, is because it allows us to create environments of all kinds. Romantic if it is for weddings, happy for parties, among many others that are interest. Decorative: Another important reason for event lighting is that it allows us to decorate. Many times the events or parties can be simple, but with the right lighting the space changes totally.


801 Event Center proposes a professional bar service that includes both conventional and modern cocktails at the same time, with multiple drinks and free drinks throughout the duration of your event. In the area of ​​event bar service, the reduction of margins and the rigidity of budgets require specialization in the essential. Sounds, lighting, bar service and food as basic points at the time of celebration. More and more food catering companies that resort to the service of drinks and cocktails, making it incomplete unprofessional and with fissures that affect the food service and the final service. That's why 801 Event Center specializes in Drinks and Bar service is an important factor when it comes to having professionals at your event. The result of this policy of subcontracting is an extension of the range of drinks and food so we would be outside the professional margin that in all these years we stand out. 801 Event Center also assumes the seamless integration of catering services with a professional service in conjunction with food catering to ensure that all the gastronomy of the event is executed effectively. Moreover we always try to give you the best bar service above all things the customer is our greatest passion

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We are so pleased with all the treatment we experienced during all the service they gave us during our event. Thank you very much for being so professional¨.

Jane Harris - PSO group

 It is a pleasure and pleasure for us to say that the service we experienced from 801 Event Center was very good at all times and prices much better than at other places we asked¨.

Donn McGreen- Grace Hospital

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